Friday, February 8, 2013

30 Minute Children's Story

Yesterday in my Children's Literature class we were tasked with writing a short children's story using random themes that we drew out of a hat. The theme that  I drew was "Good Friends Stick Together", and this is the story that I came up with in only 30 minutes (with no time allowed for editing either). Enjoy!

Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived two gnomes. These two gnomes, Rachet and Widget lived side by side in a small forest by the lake.
Everyday Rachet and Widget looked up at the sky and Rachet imagined what it would be like to soar through the sky like an eagle, or fly from tree to tree like a sparrow.

One day Rachet decided that he was going to fly like a bird, he was sure he could do it. “Widget!” he said “I have an idea! I will build a machine, this machine will take us high up into the sky.” Widget wasn’t sure that Rachet’s machine would work, but being able to fly like a bird certainly seemed appealing.

Rachet got to work that very day in his workshop, making his plans and Widget went out into the forest collecting sticks, and stray feathers for Rachet’s machine. When she returned she set to work with her friend and they began to work.

They built wings, and feet. They made a head and tail. They crafted cogs and levers, they made scarves and goggles. They both worked together all day and in no time at all they had put together a big mechanical bird with two seats. One for Rachet, and one for Widget.

“Do you think it will fly Widget?” Asked Rachet apprehensively. Widget pondered for a moment before replying. She didn’t know if it would fly, but she trusted her friend.

“Of course it will fly!” She replied, patting Rachet on the back. “We built it together, how could we fail?” With that the two little gnomes got into the mechanical bird and Rachet pulled the big lever and the cogs began to turn, and the wings began to flap. Both the gnomes were very excited at the idea that soon they would be in the sky.

The bird began to flap harder and suddenly a great cloud of smoke erupted from the mechanical bird, and it sputtered to a halt, parts flying everywhere! Rachet was very sad. His mechanical bird wasn’t going to fly. “Our machine is broken. “ He said to Widget, with a tear in his eye.

“Don’t worry.” Widget told her friend. “We will fix it.”

“And HOW will we do that?” asked Rachet as he looked at all the bits of broken mechanical bird.

“Together.” replied Widget “Together”

And they did.